Family Tree Worksheet
Memoirs By: Me

INSTRUCTIONS: Print this worksheet and fill in the blanks.

Family Member Full Name* Date of Birth** Place of Birth*** Date of Death** Place of Death***

1 You


2 Your Father


3 Your Mother


4 Your Father's Father


5 Your Father's Mother


6 Your Mother's Father


7 Your Mother's Mother


8 Your Father's Father's Father


9 Your Father's Father's Mother


10 Your Father's Mother's Father


11 Your Father's Mother's Mother


12 Your Mother's Father's Father


13 Your Mother's Father's Mother


14 Your Mother's Mother's Father


15 Your Mother's Mother's Mother


*Full Name: Use Maiden Name for Females; Include Nicknames in Parenthesis
**Dates of Birth/Death: Use DD-MONTH-YEAR format; i.e. 06-NOV-1932 for November 6, 1932
***Places of Birth/Death: Include City, State, and Country "Everyone has a story to tell..let us tell yours!"
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