Family Tree Field Trip Worksheet
Memoirs By: Me

Your assignment is to "visit" a family member from your family tree. For members who have passed away, you may choose to visit their gravesite or meet with them in the pages of a photo album or a favorite hangout place.

INSTRUCTIONS: Print this worksheet. Read it before you go. Then complete it soon after you return.

Family Member's Full Name:  
Date of Visit:   Place of Visit:  
Explain why you chose this Family Member to Visit:  
Explain why you chose this Place to Visit:  

What did you see?  

What did you smell?  

What did you hear?  

What did you touch & how did it feel?  

What did you taste?  

What were you both wearing?  

What time of day was it?  

What was your initial exchange?  

What did you do while you were together?  

What did you talk about?  

What did you laugh and/or cry about?  

Would you visit this place again? Why or Why not?  

What happened at the end of your visit?  

What do you want to remember most about this visit? "Everyone has a story to tell..let us tell yours!"
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