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Create Your Own Memoirs By: Me Album

The following is a list of suggested Chapters with corresponding syllabi for your Memoirs By: Me Album. You may pick and choose which chapters you would like to include in your project or select them all.

Keep in mind you can fit these assignments into whichever mode of memoir you choose to create: a traditional book, a personal journal, a theme scrapbook, or even a correspondence collection. A memoir is a very personal document...let your personality shine through.

Click on the chapter name below to obtain a syllabus of Objectives and Assignments to complete that Chapter.

  • Family Tree
  • Places I've Been
  • Greatest Accomplishments
  • Firsts & Favorites
  • Hobbies & Special Interests
  • School Days
  • Turning Points
  • Special Occasions
  • Career Path
  • Spiritual Journey
  • Personal Historical TimeLine

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