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Making Personal Home Videos of Your Life

Are Home Movies a Thing of the Past?

In years past it was not uncommon to have 8mm and/or Super 8 home movies made of family get-togethers and various events. Today, many of us don't think twice about bringing out the digital camcorder for our daughter's dance recital or our son's high school graduation. In fact, we might even have a VHS video somewhere of our wedding day and possibly the birth of our first child.

These are all fascinating moments of our lives, snippets of time to be treasured for years to come, if preserved correctly.

However, while many of these scenes trigger fond memories for those associated with those events, wouldn't it be great to hear about what happened behind the scenes? ...Like what happened on the way to the church...or when noone was looking? Or gleaning some insight as to why things happened as they did? Wouldn't it be interesting to not only look over these people's shoulders but have them actually speak to us?

Recording videos can be much more compelling than just taking pictures, because you are able to not only catch more personality of the subjects being recorded, but you can also hear stories weaved into the events and see emotion demonstrated in the telling of those stories.

Pictures, like pages of the written word are flat...two-dimensional. You can't always tell what's really going on in the snapshot. But moving pictures? People come to life on the screen. You've actually had an encounter with someone, not just peered at their image.

Making personal home videos is an excellent way to capture and share your life story! And not only does the latest technology make it easy to do it yourself, there are so many resources available to help you create a keepsake worthy of being passed down to the next generations. Watch this video:

See how easy it is to create your own Life History Video.

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