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You Don't Have to be Family
to Enjoy a Good Memoir

Traditionally we think the only people interested in reading a memoir are family members. Unless of course, it's written by a celebrity of some sort…then, possibly someone from the general public might be interested in that kind of story. But that's simply not true. Many people enjoy reading biographies and autobiographies, even when they're not about celebrities.

Why? We are all human beings who have feelings, fears and fantasies, and that enables us to relate to one another. A familial relationship is not needed to create this bond. The bond already exists.

That's why we cry in sappy movies, laugh at America's Funniest Videos, cringe at blood and gore, and cheer for the underdog. We see ourselves in the lives of others.

Do we have to know a person to be impacted by his or her life experiences?

When the local news reports an Amber Alert, immediately I feel for the woman who has lost her child. What if someone snatched my child?

Or when someone comes by my office collecting money for an employee who tragically lost his spouse over the weekend. I don't know him or even the person collecting the money but I think, What if it were my spouse?

Or during the Olympic Games, when the sportscaster reveals the story behind the competitor. How he overcame growing up in poverty, losing both his parents at a young age, and undergoing extensive physical therapy after a motorcycle accident the previous year. He placed last in the qualifying event and now the gold medal is within his grasp. I want him to win...even though he's on the "other team".

So no, we don't have to know a person to be impacted by his or her life. We just allow ourselves to know about others' experiences and we're touched.

Whether it's heart-wrenching, comical or inspirational, reading memoirs from a stranger can be very rewarding.

So here we are, fulfilling our mission: telling stories written by people just like you…in fact, your story may even be featured here. (Have you submitted your story yet?)

Join us as we sit back, relax and take a scroll down Memoir Lane...

Reading memoirs can be rewarding as well as a few and you'll see what I mean.

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