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Get Started By Binding Your Book!

Binding your book? That sounds like the last step, not the first. Well, this is where we're going to start. You'll need a binder to house your memoir from start to finish. Truly a worthy investment.

I don't know about you, but although I'm one of the few women on the planet who hates to shop, I love shopping for office supplies! You can probably go crazy getting prepared, but truly you don't need that much. But if office supplies are your fancy, knock yourself out.

Here's a list:

  • 3-ring should be big enough but not too big.
  • Tab page separate your chapters.
  • Some pocket dividers, large envelopes or an accordian keep pictures and other items you'll want to include in your memoir.
  • Loose leaf paper...even if you intend on writing everything on your PC.
  • Blank paper...if using a typewriter (yes, kids...people still use typewriters these days.)
  • CD or floppy disk...if using a PC.

    TIP: Please, please, please...backup your files to a CD or floppy disk if you're using a computer to write your memoir. You only have to experience losing all your work ONCE to realize how devastating this can be.

  • Spiral notebook (with holes to fit in your binder)...this will be your traveling notebook.
  • Zipper keep in your binder and house your pens, pencils, scissors, photo-safe glue/tape, etc.
  • Pens, Pencils and Highlighters...whatever writing utensil(s) you prefer. These are to be kept with your binder at all times, so there's never an excuse for not being able to write SOMEthing.

    TIP: Choose a writing instrument you feel comfortable writing with. You'll write more if you like what you're writing with!

  • write comfortably anywhere.
  • 3-hole punch
  • A photo-safe/archive quality marking pen

    TIP: Never mark your photos with a ball point pen or any pen that is not considered photo-safe. Think long-term. You don't want your grandchildren's only cherished photo of you ruined from ink bleeding through the paper.

  • Scissors and photo-safe glue/ cut and paste your pages where needed.

This is just what I came up with that works for me. If you think of something else that works well for you, contact us and we'll add it to the list!

Although this stage of the game is always such fun for me, like going back to school, it's the stuff we bind that matters. So, let's start writing...

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