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Get Started by Getting Organized!

Some people are just born organized. My husband seems to think I'm one of them, but I don't know about that. However, I have learned a thing or two on this subject.

The most important key in organization is everything has to have a home.

How can you expect your kids to put away their toys if they don't have a place to store them? How can you keep track of your keys if they're being left wherever you decide to drop them?

Being organized requires a home for everything.

I always know where my keys are...either on the shelf by the front door or the front right pocket of my jacket. I always know where my wallet used to be in my purse, now it's in the babies' diaper bag. I keep all of my bills in one place, a white wire basket above my desk hutch. There's never a question as to where these things are. Why? Because they're all tucked away in their homes.

Yeah, yeah, that's nice, but what does that have to do with writing a memoir?

What would you take with you if you just discovered your house is on fire and likely to burn to the ground? Naturally, you'd grab your children and/or pets first. But then what? Do you have a prized collection or a family heirloom?

Would you grab your family pictures and childhood diaries? How about your journals, baby books and wedding album? What about the precious letters you and your husband/son/grandson exchanged while he was off at war? Would you be able to grab these precious momentos at a moment's notice?

Now, do you see where I'm going with this? Do your memoir materials have a home?

If so, GREAT! You should have great satisfaction in knowing where to find them at all times.

If not, that is going to be your first task. Make a home for your memoir materials.

Start by making a list of all the items you would want to include in your memoir. Next, based on what you have, you will need to find a home for it.

TIP: It's important to see what materials you have before determining where to store them. This way you can preserve them adequately.

You may want to use a plastic bin/container of some kind, something waterproof and mobile. I have a plastic container housing all my journals, notebooks, and loose pages accumulated over the years bearing my soul from one stage in my life after another. You may also want to keep copies of certain treasured items somewhere other than your home...just in case there is a fire. Perhaps a safe deposit box at a bank or in your parents' or other family member's home. You decide. The point is it's not just a matter of organization, but also a matter of care.

Now, once you've made a home for all of your materials, we're going to start your MBM Album.

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